Dr Kevin Reynolds, Team Manager – Fouling Release, Performance Coatings Research, AkzoNobel Performance Coatings, UK (www.akzonobel.com).

Kevin obtained a Masters Degree in Chemistry from The University of Manchester which he followed up with a Doctorate in Polymer Chemistry from the same institution investigating the preparation, characterisation and end-use investigation of Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity (PIMs) targeted towards gas and liquid separation and purification. In 2008 Kevin joined the non-biocidal technologies research team of AkzoNobel Marine & Protective Coatings based in Gateshead, UK, exploring novel biocide free fouling control solutions. Since 2014 Kevin has led the research team responsible for fouling release technologies within the Performance Coatings business area of AkzoNobel. Kevin has a proven track record of identification of new technologies and translating them into viable prototypes and beyond into commercially successful products for the marine shipping market. Kevin has a keen interest in future solutions and probing their fundamentals mechanistically using bioassays, surface and bulk analysis techniques and infield testing. Amongst other activities Kevin’s responsibilities encompass the identification and investigation of fouling release technologies, generation and maintenance of the patent portfolio associated with this, support of the product development teams and participation in the executive board of the FP7 project SEAFRONT.