Department of Chemistry, Materials and Surfaces, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Box 857, SE-501 15 Borås, Sweden www.sp.se, johan.svenson@sp.se

Johan Svenson has a Ph.D. (2003) in organic chemistry from the University of Kalmar, Sweden focused on tailor made synthetic enzymes and antibodies. After his dissertation he was working in academia in Sweden for two years before leaving for positions at universities in New Zealand and Norway focusing on innate defense peptides, natural products and bioactive compounds. Eight years were spent at UiT the Arctic university of Norway were Dr. Svenson was involved in the large Norwegian marine bioprospecting project MabCent focused on assessing the potential of Norwegian Arctic marine organisms. The Svenson lab was mainly devoted to studies of antifouling marine natural products from Arctic marine organisms and their synthetic analogs. He returned to Sweden in 2014 and joined SP as senior scientist at the SP Materials, Chemistry and Surfaces Unit where he is currently involved in SP’s marine and biomaterials programme. Johan’s main research areas of interest are Medicinal chemistry, Marine natural products, Marine biotechnology, Antifouling and Peptide chemistry.