Head of the Marine Corrosion Department, DCNS Research, France (

Anne-Marie GROLLEAU (University degree in Materials Science – Université de la Rochelle), has more than twenty years’ experience, (researches, projects, applied studies and corrosion failures analyses) in marine corrosion and cathodic protection. She is a senior marine corrosion and cathodic protection expert for DCNS Research, head of DCNS marine corrosion laboratory located in Cherbourg.
Mrs Grolleau was also an official exchange scientist to the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) at the Center for Corrosion Science and Engineering Facility in Key West (Florida) in 2000-2001. The work performed led to joint France/US publications in the field of crevice corrosion of nickel based alloys, characterization and polarization properties of stainless steel alloys in sea water, seawater piping systems cleaning technology, performance of low voltage anodes and modelling of cathodic protection.
Mrs Grolleau is also certified Cathodic Protection Level 3 (CEFRACOR Certification – sea water sector) and conveynor of CEN TC 219 WG3.